Neon Pink Toner to Make Your Prints POP

Make the Best Use of Your Ricoh Production Printer

5th Color capabilities (neon yellow toner, invisible red toner, clear toner, white toner, and neon pink toner) give your business a competitive edge to stand out and offer high-value, premium applications on-demand.

Produce stunning purples, intense oranges, and hot pinks by blending Neon Pink toner with CMYK. Neon Pink toner gives you the ability to achieve incredibly vibrant hues and reproduce brand colors that are spot on.

Oranges, purples and pinks produced with CMYK on digital presses traditionally print duller or darker than their corresponding offset Pantone colors. With the addition of 5th Color Neon Pink, you can achieve a wider range of colors and get closer to the actual hues shown on Pantone Swatch Chips.

Now Available for Demo

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