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Our Award-Winning Shop Department

The GFI Digital Service Center includes our award-winning shop department. Here is where we assemble, repair, and even refurbish copiers and printers every day. But what makes it so special isn’t the machines, it’s our people! We have a dedicated team of professionals who are extraordinarily good at what they do. They know our machines like no one else.

We train each technician in house to completely disassemble a copier and printer and put it back together. They start their learning process with smaller machines, such as a desktop printer. Over time, they learn to reverse engineer any machine we get in the shop.

Throughout their careers, these technicians gain a considerable amount of their knowledge through hands-on experience. Our shop department staff has over 100 years of combined experience!

Although we cross-train our technicians to know how to work on everything in the shop, we always have a go-to technician for certain machines. Some technicians excel in one specific type of machine, and they are relied upon for certain repairs and questions that arise.


New Orders: When a customer is getting a new machine, our shop technicians do the initial “set-up.” So far in 2020, our technicians have set up over 3000 pieces of new equipment. During the set-up, the technician will:

  • Assemble the machine

  • Check for any damage caused in shipping

  • Test the functionality of the entire machine

  • Carefully package up the machine for delivery

  • Tag for shipment through our in-house delivery service

Shop Repairs: When a machine needs service, most of the time one of our field service technicians will repair it on-site at the customer location. However, there are special cases in which we bring them into the shop to fix. Sometimes, the customer may opt for a new machine. In other instances, we give our customer a loaner machine until their original one is ready to go. Keeping our customers up and running is our top priority. Our favorite kinds of machines to service are the ones we have serviced from the start. This is because we know the level of attention to detail our technicians provide and that the job is done right every time!

Refurbishing: So far this year, our technicians have refurbished over 700 pieces of used equipment. We make these copiers and printers as good as new! We do this by practicing a 56-point inspection to make sure everything is done correctly and according to the GFI Digital standard.

Staging Area: machines are organized in the service center based on which branch they are headed to for delivery.

At GFI Digital, we love showing off our service center. We bring customers and consultants in all the time and often hear that our setup is unmatched. We take pride in how organized our system is and the emphasis we put on quality control in every single step of the process.

Our team at the shop is fun and energetic! They enjoy doing things together at work and on their own, such as listening to music all day in the shop while they work and playing paintball together on days off. The work they do here is collaborative and thorough. They double and triple check their work on machines. The talent in the shop department is indescribable. Contact us to learn more.

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