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Reporting-Free Meter Readings!

Manual readings and reporting are a thing of the past! FM Audit is a software that takes the hassle out of reporting copier meter readings.

With FM Audit installed, our customers can automate meter reporting on their devices managed by GFI Digital, requiring no additional hardware and no additional costs. FM Audit is a simple software application installed on a computer or server located on our customers’ networks. Once installed, it will automatically and securely send meter readings to GFI Digital on a daily basis.

Clients enrolled in the auto toner shipment notification program, with compatible devices, will also notify GFI Digital for low toner alerts. This program works for an entire printer and MFP (multi-function printer) fleet and gives us a way to proactively monitor, verify, & ship toner. The automatic toner shipment process allows our customers to maximize the uptime of their equipment.

More reasons we love FM Audit:

  • Connects to all brands of MFPs and Printers

  • 100% automated

  • Accurate meter readings sent in real time, freeing businesses from the burden of manual collection

  • Reduces the need for phone and email supply requests (with our businesses enrolled in the auto toner shipment notification program)

  • Safe and secure: HIPAA compliant and highly secure encryption

  • Alerts for low toner levels (with our businesses enrolled in the auto toner shipment notification program)

  • Monitors print usage across entire networked printer fleet

  • Easy to install software

  • Access to GFI Digital’s Help Desk team to help install/support software

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