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The Technology Services Customer Experience Team

Managed IT is not an investment companies make lightly. Finding the right provider who understands your business needs and has the insight and expertise to help you succeed is essential. At GFI Digital, we have an entire team dedicated to managing this relationship and guiding you every step of the way. We will prepare you for changes in technology and ensure your technology grows with your business.

The DigitalNET offerings at GFI Digital provide Managed Network Services and Advanced Technologies to our customers. Our IT services include our Customer Experience Team who are dedicated to customer satisfaction and retention. Their focus is managing each customer relationship with a proactive approach to technology. This means being there for guidance and support and providing recommendations necessary to keep your business technology in line with your projections and goals.

Each quarter, your Customer Experience Team representative will meet with you and assess the strengths and weaknesses of your technology situation, discuss any pain points, and help you strategize a plan for future needs. Your feedback during these quarterly reviews is essential to our mission: to develop & support our customers & employees through our commitment to service excellence. Along with the feedback provided any time you receive our service desk help, we use this information to strengthen our teams and our service.

Our Customer Experience Team members have technical backgrounds, so they truly understand needs and goals of our customers and have the ability to make quality recommendations. They strive to educate our customers in order for them to make wise choices with regard to their technology by understanding their options and any risk associated.

Our Customer Experience Team is fast-paced, and quickly growing with our business! They are continuously learning and collaborate often with beneficial insights to share in our effort to maintain our goal of absolute customer satisfaction.


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