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The "Next Normal" in Technology

We’ve all heard of the term “new normal”, but what is the “next normal?”

Studies show that 98% of all work meetings have at least one remote participant, making these interactions, “hybrid.” Whether in person or virtual, meeting experiences must be creative, consistent, and easy to use.

Companies have tried (and sometimes failed) at encouraging employees to go back into a physical workspace. In effort to attract people back into an office setting, the environment should encourage collaboration and community-building. The office should be a magnet, not a mandate!

What comes with the “next normal” is that employees will expect major upgrades in access to technology. They demand quick and personalized service that tailors to their expectations. Decisions need to be automated and safely stored in back-office systems, which enhances their cybersecurity.

Each “next normal” situation/solution has one thing in common: it needs to deliver a seamless and enjoyable experience for the user.

Webex AI Delivers Unrivaled Experiences

In 2023, the term “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) is everywhere. Whether its purpose is creating art & content, chatting with friends, or writing paragraphs, Webex has harnessed the power of AI to deliver top-notch collaboration experiences. In fact, Webex already has decades of experience with AI -- from the Webex Suite to headsets, phones, and room systems, artificial intelligence is a key part of business.

Optimizing Collaboration

Webex Suite’s portfolio has grown tremendously in recent years and is recognized as the industry’s best AI, security, and management program. This success is credited to the purpose-driven AI for audio and video intelligence that promotes inclusion and wellbeing. Facial and gesture recognition is just one way that Webex can improve the cyber experience.

Webex Features

“Be Right Back” is a new feature that, through facial recognition technology, will sense when a user steps away and replaces the video feed with text reading—”Be Right Back”. Smart Lighting is another way to improve video calls as it automatically adjusts the video lighting based on the time of day (or even the weather!)

What happens if your computer does not have enough bandwidth to support these features? Fortunately, Webex has created “Super Resolution”, a tool that delivers high-definition quality without high-definition bandwidth. This means that users in developing countries and rural areas also have access to top-tier video quality.

Re-imagining Workspaces

Webex has created a people-driven and purposeful portfolio. In 2023, when any space can be used as an office, it takes next-level technologies to make it a desirable place to work.

Directed by RoomOS, Cisco Devices has launched new “Cinematic Meetings” with multiple camera support that automatically transitions between shots to ensure everyone is seen and heard.

In all, Cisco has created a unique application that allows users to do more than just call one another. With Webex (and the power of artificial intelligence,) they introduce video call features such as “Be Right Back”, “Smart Lighting”, and “Super Resolution” to enhance any user’s experience.

To read more about Webex, please click the following link:


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