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Top Reasons to Pick GFI Digital for Your Copiers & Printers

We are a true partner with solutions for your print, copy, & scan requirements -- big or small. Here are three reasons why GFI Digital remains one of the top Sharp and Ricoh dealers in the country!

4 different types of Ricoh and Sharp Copiers & Printers with Sharp and Ricoh Logos

Industry-Leading Copier & Printer Machines

We provide two of the industry's leading options, Sharp and Ricoh. Between these, we can cover any needs of any customer! Each product line provides unique features to meet your printing and scanning needs.

5 GFI Digital Sales Representatives standing next to a Sharp Copier

Tailored Solutions

We will find the right fit for your business’s printing environment. We do this by assessing your print fleet to identify your specific needs. Then, our sales, service, and Print IT teams work together to customize a copier & printer solution for you.

A GFI Digital Copier & Printer Technician reaching into his van for supplies and a photo of him fixing parts in a copier with tools

Customer Focused

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Our print technicians execute a Total Call Procedure that entails an A-Z checklist. We incentivize our technicians to perform this A-Z checklist at every service call. This checklist includes addressing the reason for the call, parts replacement, preventative maintenance, machine cleaning, and much more!

View this video below for insights into copiers, printers, and the distinctive features that set GFI Digital apart.

Interested in our Copier & Printer service?

Contact us today to disocver how we can enhance your business's printing environment!


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