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Why Even Small Businesses Need a Multifunction Printer

Track your Printing

70% of small and medium businesses indicate that they do not have the tools to track printing across all devices. Many of today’s multifunction printers (MFPs) are application-enabled to track printing, saving businesses time and money.

Don’t Lose Out

20% of loss in employee productivity is caused by document-related challenges. New MFPs are equipped with productivity-enhancing capabilities, such as single pass scanning, mobile connectivity, and customized workflows.

Remove Manual Steps

MFPs make it easy for associates and managers to initiate invoice payments and remove manual steps inherent in paper-based processes that waste valuable time for small and medium businesses.

Become an Information Powerhouse

An MFP will help your business as an information powerhouse; maximizing collaboration and document workflow through features such as scan-to-file, electronic document management, and more.

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