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Print Management Strategy

As we begin looking at our plans for 2019, we take a look at our expenses, overhead costs and areas for growth in our business. Making small adjustments in categories you may typically overlook such as your internal printing costs can make a significant difference on your business.

We can start by posing the question...Are you currently measuring your printer volumes throughout your office(s)? If the answer is NO, then you are not alone, however you do not want to be another business owner who is missing out on over spending. Below is a simple outline of how our Managed Print Service Analysts will be able to optimize your printer fleet, implement solutions for your work environment and most importantly streamline your workflow.



Our Printer Management Team will use a three-step process to create the perfect Managed Printer Fleet Program for you and your business.

Step 1: Collection

First, GFI Digital will determine the number of devices, determine where and how much you print.

Step 2: Verification

Next, GFI Digital will take the collected data to review and formulate a true cost of ownership based on past history as well as invoices for toner, parts, and labor.

Step 3: Presentation

GFI Digital will present you with a detailed audit of your operating costs and a total cost of ownership for your printer fleet.


Based on the information gathered, we will provide you with an implementation schedule, apply GFI Digital identification tags to each piece of equipment, and load fleet management software to provide ongoing support.


Your fleet will be managed daily for service issues and automatic supply ordering. Additionally, our Help Desk is available for fast, remote support. To keep you informed, GFI Digital will provide a customized Quarterly Business Review which includes service history, managed inventory with monthly volumes, and an outline of previously reviewed corporate goals related to your current printing fleet.

Our objective is to create efficiency and effectiveness in your work place and investing in the proper resources can ultimately drive your business in the right direction!

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