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Does your Office Take DATA SECURITY seriously?

Do you know what types of security breaches that may be lurking in your IT environment? Your company may be at risk and GFI Digital can help you hone in on the potential dangers. Security breaches can be as simple as storing personal information on a public drive, using email/networks on your cell phone, or even using your laptop to work on personal items. Don’t be a business who suffers from security issues!

Below are everyday routines & eye opening statistics we found in other offices:

  • 59% of employees said colleagues leave printed pages in the paper tray.

  • 41% of office employees use their own devices at work because they are easier to use.

  • 23% said they used public sharing sites without business approval.

  • 31% take information out of the office to complete work at home.

  • 8% of organizations have had employees access confidential information that they should not have had access to.

  • 24% of workers store information in the public cloud even though they are not permitted to do so.

Contact GFI Digital Today to lock down your IT environment!

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