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5 Tips for Enterprises Choosing a Firewall

Reimagine the firewall as your foundation for comprehensive security.

1. Think Bigger Than a Single Control Point

Once upon a time, the firewall sat on the network edge and protected an entire organization. But times change, and so has your network. Today, hard-and-fast perimeters are a thing of the past. Firewalls must enforce common policy with control points everywhere. Intelligent control points and comprehensive visibility where you need it—that’s firewalling—delivered by appliances, virtual appliances, cloud-delivered firewalls, and application and workload control.

With a comprehensive firewalling strategy, consistent security controls are deployed everywhere you need them. Gathering, sharing, and responding to context about users, locations, and devices, as well as helping ensure you meet your organization’s security requirements. This integrated approach offers full visibility with prioritized alerts, unified policy, shared threat intelligence, and stronger user and device authentication.

2. Leverage World-Class Security Intelligence

Only the most sophisticated anti-malware techniques can detect and remove malicious programs such as viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits, dialers, spyware, and malware that are constantly evolving and becoming harder to find and remove from your computer. GFI Digital engineers update firewall technology regularly to quickly detect, destroy and prevent malware.

Defending networks against increasingly sophisticated threats requires industry-leading intelligence and consistent protections everywhere. World-class threat intelligence requires the best team.

3. Explore Cloud-Based Management

Piecemeal management, inconsistent policies, and having to update your firewall manager are just more work. With cloud management, that can be taken care of for you by our engineers.

Centralized, cloud-based management can help security teams cut through complexity and align policies throughout the organization. Policies can be written once and quickly enforced across thousands of enforcement points. With a single management console, objects can be compared across all devices to uncover inconsistencies and optimize your security posture. As your organization grows, new deployments can automatically inherit the latest policies. Discover how your organization could benefit from a cloud-based management solution.

4. Make It Part of an Open Security Platform

Investing in a firewall should meet your needs for today and the future. Confidently secure your business with a broad, integrated, and open security platform that protects your environment and automates playbooks.

Open platforms strengthen your security by unifying visibility across all parts of your security infrastructure—regardless of which vendor’s products you have. A platform approach, with firewall at its foundation, enables better decision making with comprehensive threat detection, security analytics, and common policy management. The best platforms reduce complexity with out-of-the-box integrations. They automate security workflows for threat investigation, hunting, and remediation. It’s a great way to strengthen operational efficiency and precision, while lowering your operational costs.

5. Choose a Vendor that has your Back

The world is changing rapidly. Maybe your organization is, too. Regardless, you need a vendor that can support your team for what’s now and what’s next.

Together with the power of Cisco technology, GFI Digital can help you attain effective security to face tomorrow’s evolving threats. Protect your infrastructure with best-of-breed products on an integrated, open platform so you can materially enhance your security posture while lowering operational costs.

To choose and implement the right firewall for your business and to learn more about the capabilities of GFI Digital's Managed Network Services, contact us today.


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