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5th Color | GO BEYOND CMYK

Looking to enhance the impact of your marketing materials?

Break through the clutter. Increase your ROI. Take your printed materials beyond CMYK. Try the exceptional quality of our Ricoh 5th Color Station and get noticed.

Someone’s going to stand out. Why not you?

CMYK + Clear Toner

• Give photographs a premium, polished look by adding a stunning, glossy shimmer to brochures, retail catalogs and food menus.

• Design unique background patterns and signatures to add an element of authenticity that can’t be copied.

CMYK + White Toner

• Running special promotions and seasonal offers? You can produce vibrant, transparent signage to enhance window graphics on adhesives and clings in more affordable, small batches.

• Create limited edition packaging and special event invitations that deliver the looks and feel of metallic printing, without the price-tag you’d expect.

• Go ahead, use colored media! With white toner you can print logos, photos and other graphics on a wide range of substrates and retain full color image accuracy.

CMYK + Neon Yellow Toner

• Punch up your promotional and POS items by using neon yellow as a solid color to highlight special offers and headlines that deserve can’t miss effects. • Produce a wider gamut of oranges and greens by adding neon yellow to the CMYK mix. Simply use the formulas provided in our gamut chart to find the blend that’s right for you

CMYK + Neon Pink Toner

• Neon pink is super on-trend. Give your materials a fresh, vibrant look with messages that will pop off the page. Use it to turn heads and be seen on sale materials, retail packaging, cause marketing mailers and more.

• Expand your creativity and design print materials with outrageous oranges and deep purples that are spot on. Blend neon pink with CMYK to achieve colors previously not attainable on a traditional digital press.

CMYK + Invisible Red

• Prevent illegal duplications that drive up costs and make for bad customer experiences. Protect your tickets, event credentials and special offers with a level of security that can only be seen under a UV LED light.

• Build buzz, drive business in-store, and generate unique engagements with “hidden messages”. Use invisible red toner to conceal text and images that can only be seen under a UV LED light — ideal for revealing surprise discounts, special offers and prizes.


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