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Everything You Need to Know About Advanced Technology Services

Male talking on a headset at a computer

What even are Advanced Technology Services?

“ATS” is an abbreviation for Advanced Technology Services and refers to things related to servers, storage, networks, firewalls… the list goes on!

What technology solutions does GFI Digital provide?

At GFI Digital, our main goal is to design and implement these various advanced technologies. We are a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of Dell, Microsoft, Cisco, and Arctic Wolf (just to name a few). Our team of experts will evaluate your technology and create a solution to take your technology to the next level and enhance your infrastructure.

Offering solutions to our customers means we start by designing and procuring the right technology for the situation. There is no one specific solution for every business, which is why our experts create conversation with customers about what issues they are facing and what is needed to overcome them. These engineers have knowledge in data center, network and wireless, security, collaboration, Microsoft services and end user computer.

Support whenever you need it!

A big advantage of partnering with GFI Digital for advanced technology solutions is the incredible customer service. Our team provides the implementation AND the post-implementation support of these solutions, meaning we are more than providers – we are true partners in technology!

Contact us today to see how we can keep your technology secure!


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