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Is Your School’s Printer Fleet Optimized?

Do you know how much your school spends on printing? Many decision-makers in education have little or no idea how much it costs to buy, run, and maintain their campus’ printer fleet. They also may not be aware of how much time students and faculty are spending on print jobs.

Schools have not only an abundance, but a wide variety of print jobs every single week. The constantly changing printing needs mean some schools end up with a mixture of different printer models and lose track of usage and costs. It can be confusing if a school has multiple locations with different printing needs. It’s even more complicated to work with multiple print vendors and contracts.

A disorganized printer fleet can lead to disorganized toner and ink management, outdated technology, difficulty scheduling repairs, and overspending. All students, teachers, and staff deserve more than the out-of-date technology they may be using. Printer downtime can set teachers back on their lesson plan and cut into crucial learning time for students. Schools need a printing system they can rely on to get the job done.

Many times, schools overspend on the cost of printing because they either have too many or not enough devices. GFI Digital can help school administrators identify underutilized and overutilized devices and be sure the fleet is right-sized. We can analyze the current situation and help determine the right print environment for your needs. It may be time for a fleet-refresh! We offer the latest technology and our experts will advise you on what makes the most sense for your school.

It is extremely beneficial to track printer usage and make sure it is in line with your budget. It helps to be in the know about print volumes, device usage, supply information, service data, and spending. GFI Digital can help you figure out if Managed Print Services (MPS) are right for your school. Additionally, we can help your school set up user authentication for faculty and staff to use before they can print.

We can help schools, whether they are K-12 or higher education, locate the current inefficiencies, find the ideal amount of devices, replace old ones with new & efficient technology, service them regularly, keep track of spending, and be a call or a click away with our Help Desk in case there are issues.

Contact Us today and we will use our 3-Step Assessment Process to put together a plan to optimize your printer fleet, streamline your workflow, and achieve optimal cost efficiency!


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