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People driven. Technology focused.

“People are everything. Customer satisfaction becomes easy when employees are happy,” said Bruce Gibbs, founder & president of GFI Digital. To achieve this, a multi-faceted approach to employee satisfaction throughout the IT company is key.

VP of marketing, Chrissy Roofe, says the phrase “People driven. Technology focused.” is the foundation of the company’s culture when it comes to customers and employees alike. Multiple programs to help employees stay happy and engaged have been developed over the office technology company’s 22 years. “Some are focused around wellness and individual well-being and others are team driven with a focus on building relationships within departments and inter-departmentally.”

The programs all fit into the framework of GFI Digital’s core values of:

  • Accountable

  • Balance

  • Integrity

  • Self-motivated

  • Fun

Accentuate Strengths

Part of that culture of cultivating employee happiness starts with finding and accentuating each employee’s strengths instead of assessing and overcoming weaknesses. Each new employee that onboards with GFI Digital takes an assessment to find their particular strengths. “There are no wrong answers,” said Roofe.

Every employee’s top five strengths are published along with a photo and personal bio in the company’s digital employee directory. “I can refer to it anytime and find anyone in the company’s strengths. That helps me know how to best communicate with them. It also helps our teams learn about each other and how to work together.” Roofe said this is especially constructive since the company flagship is located in St. Louis with 12 additional locations across the midwest including one here in Springfield. “Since we aren’t all together every day, this is an incredibly effective tool for keeping people engaged with each other and building camaraderie.”


Employee health & wellness are taken seriously as part of the culture at GFI Digital and the company developed an app-based fitness motivation program, aptly named G- FIT, that is free to employees. The program started fall 2020 and over 100 employees are currently enrolled. Employees can track workout hours and earn rewards by being on active teams and individually.

As milestones are met throughout the program, employees can earn rewards. Currently, there are prizes available at seven benchmark intervals between 10 and 300 hours. Four G-FIT enrollees have individually achieved 300 workout hours and received the grand prize of either an Apple Watch or a Fitbit. Recently, enrollees collectively reached the milestone of 5,000 hours of working out and everyone received a workout tee as a bonus reward.

Career Advancement

“In my over five years with GFI Digital, I have yet to meet someone who isn’t happy here,” said Roofe. Roofe said there is an emphasis on recruiting the best IT professionals and helping those who want to move up the career ladder. There are career paths set up in each department so that someone hired at an entry level position has a potential opportunity to advance. Leadership development is also available to potential leaders as they are identified. “You can start & grow your career in IT with GFI Digital and really make your career what you want it to be.”

Community Outreach

Roofe said GFI Digital is involved with charities that are important to both customers and employees. The company is currently involved with Care to Learn, United Way, Boys and Girls Club, Down’s Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis and many more. “Staying plugged into the communities we serve and what’s important to the people around us is important. It’s all part of our people-driven focus.” GFI Digital is currently hiring for every level of IT experience.

To view our open positions, go to GFIDIGITAL.COM/careers


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