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Why We Know Your Data is Backed Up

Customers can rely on GFI Digital to keep from ever losing data, according to Hannah, an Operations Engineer. GFI Digital is where Hannah decided to start her career as soon as she completed her cybersecurity MBA. Now a long time member of our team, her main focus has been improving and enhancing data and disaster recovery for our IT customers.

Hannah manages and monitors Datto devices and servers, along with monitoring antivirus software for our customers. She says, “There is not a day that I go in and do the exact same day-to-day tasks. We are always growing and evolving.”

Hannah and the operations team go through all backup platforms every day, ensuring that server backups and file restores from the day before were successful and they can be virtualized (locally and cloud level.) If there are any problems with servers, Datto appliances, or download speeds, they send an update and immediately troubleshoot. This level of care, daily monitoring, fast feedback, and regular disaster recovery tests means that customers can count on GFI Digital to protect their information.

The purpose of the regular disaster recovery testing is to discover flaws in a disaster recovery plan. This way, potential issues can be resolved before they impact a company’s ability to restore operations. Regular testing is the only way to guarantee restoration quickly following an outage.

Ask yourself: Is your company’s data protected from:

  • Broken Device(s)

  • Device(s) Crashing

  • Cyberattack

  • Security Breach or Virus

  • Natural Disaster

  • Ransomware

  • Lost Device(s)

  • Theft

  • Accidental Deletion / User Error

In today’s environment, anything can happen. It helps to have important data saved in more than one place. Lost data can lead to lost revenue. Whether a company needs to recover a single lost file or needs a complete server recovery, Hannah and the operations team are prepared to help.

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