Why An IT Assessment?

Why An IT Assessment

The unfortunate side of businesses becoming increasingly reliant on technology is that they are simultaneously becoming more vulnerable to security breaches and data loss. They’re also more likely to incur exorbitant expenses associated with disaster recovery efforts.

Statistics show the impact of the IT-related risks impacting SMBs (small to medium business) in profound ways:

48% of SMBs have experienced data loss as a result of improper data backup and/or inadequate disaster recovery plans.

Almost a quarter of SMBs are likely to declare a disaster in any given five-year period.

The average total cost of damages and recovery for an SMB that incurs a disaster is $1.4 million.

Every hour of downtime costs an SMB an average of $145,000.

90% of SMBs have experienced a security breach within the last year.

59% of SMBs have suffered two or more security incidences in that same time period.

41% of SMBs reported the security breach they experienced resulted in $500,000+ in combined expenses.

Without knowing the risks and vulnerabilities lurking within a company’s IT infrastructure, it’s nearly impossible to know for sure how secure or stable it really is, let alone develop an appropriate remediation and ongoing management strategy. Our IT Assessment will reveal any deficiencies and risk factors so they can be objectively addressed, investigated and resolved before they become dangerous liabilities with detrimental and often business-threatening consequences. It will provide a clear picture of the vulnerabilities within an IT infrastructure so an optimized solution and maintenance plan can be developed, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential recovery and downtime costs can be averted.

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Responsible Recycling

Join the GFI Digital, Inc. Recycling Program


Responsible Recycling offers your organization an environmentally preferable way to dispose of your empty cartridges. The program is free and easy-to-use

1) Recycle all brands of empty printer cartridges including original HP, Brother, and Lexmark, as well as used cartridges from other manufacturers

2) Download prepaid shipping labels

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By reducing the waste stream and keeping cartridges out of landfills, you’re making an environmentally preferable choice.

Safe and Secure Off-Site Backup

Backup and Recovery GFI’s off-site data backup recovery service is used to backup a snapshot of your entire database to a cloud-based, secure and redundant co-location. Through an automated process, our engineers can quickly recover and restore your data, even when recovering to a dissimilar system. Let GFI give you peace of mind by backing up changes to your critical data throughout the day.

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