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Director of Human Resources | St. Louis, Missouri

Although Lisa studied accounting, her 25+ years of experience led her through a natural transition into benefits and payroll management where she found her niche in Human Resources. She has been overseeing this department at GFI Digital since 2006 when there were just 90 employees.


To date, GFI Digital has over 350 employees and Lisa is excited to work with each of them and to have such a vital role in the company’s growth and success. She takes pride in meeting new challenges every day and working for a company that fosters growth among employees. Lisa likes to spend free time boating, traveling, and with family and friends.

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"I have worked for GFI Digital for over a decade and have loved every minute of it. Employees are not treated like a number, but instead like family. You are provided endless tools and support to enable you to learn, grow and be the best you can be. Employees are truly appreciated, recognized, and rewarded for their hard work and effort. I feel that I am cared about and what I do makes a difference."

-Lisa Murawski

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