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Looking for a new Printer & Copier?... Here are 5 Innovations to look for when shopping.

1. Mobile Ready

Gives users easier ways to connect and print from any device, anywhere, at any time. The latest mobile print solutions make printing from any device efficient and seamless whether it’s out of the office or simply in another part of the building. Choose a solution as easy as sending an email takes the mystery out of mobile print with flexible solutions that are simple, convenient, and secure.

2. Cloud Access

Use multifunction printers that let you scan to and print from cloud services like Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Setting up workflows to the services you already use shortcuts the need to download and print from the desktop. Scan and create text-searchable PDFs through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) so information is never locked in a paper document or image capture.

3. Quality Control

Producing quality prints can be easy when you have the right printing equipment. Investing in a quality machine will give you the ability to get creative and reach new customers with bright eye catching materials. Don’t lose out on potential customers because your current MFP cannot print quality documents.

4. Securely Printing & Scanning

Security is so important in our everyday work environment, especially when printing confidential documents. Special features can be integrated allowing for administrative users to print specific materials on demand. Don’t overlook this feature when shopping.

5. Color on Demand

Color can make a big impact when it comes to customer-materials that will help grow your business. Printing materials in-house will create productivity, lower cost, and allow you to be in control of your print jobs instead of waiting on a third party. With our innovative Sharp & Ricoh MFPs, you can set permissions to control access to color printing – by user, type of document, or time.

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