Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

We love to show our employees appreciation! Below are just a few ways we recognize those who stand out and make us proud.

Presenting Dale Carnegie principle #2:

Give honest, sincere appreciation.

“Appreciation builds our image faster than any other practice … the success of every job demands cooperation and effort from others … people contribute to our success as much as we contribute to theirs.”

Annual Awards (Click to View)

Departmental Recognition

  • Star Employees (Many Departments)

  • Top Banana (Field IT / Help Desk)

  • Kick A$$ Job (DigitalNET)

  • Warehouse Warrior

  • Top Sales

Blog and Social Media Recognition (Click to View)

Quarterly Awards

Employee Newsletter Recognition

  • Departmental Recognition

  • Outstanding Customer Reviews

  • Shout-Outs from Coworkers

Gifts and Treats

  • Milestone Anniversary Gifts

  • Seasonal Gifts

Raffles, Contests, and Prizes