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World Backup Day 2022

Your business and personal data are valuable! Today, take time to make sure both are backed up.

Is your data/your company's data protected from:

  • Device(s) Broken

  • Device(s) Stolen

  • Device(s) Lost

  • Device(s) Crashing

  • Natural Disaster

  • Theft

  • Security Breach or Virus

  • Cyber-attack

  • Ransomware

  • Accidental Deleting/User Error

Anything can happen. It helps to have important data saved in more than one place. You wouldn't want to lose personal data that:

  • you have worked hard on

  • something you designed, wrote, or edited

  • would be difficult to replace

  • copies of important paperwork, passwords, lists, contacts, downloads

  • can't be duplicated

  • photos, videos

  • are sentimental or priceless

  • photos, videos, journal entries, or memories involving friends and family

Many of the bullet points above can also apply to your company data, along with:

  • contacts and customer lists

  • historical records

  • passwords

  • instructions and notes

  • financial information and records

  • employee information and records

  • photos, graphic files, or other marketing content

  • email

  • administrative documents

  • so much more...

For your personal data, it is a good idea to back everything up frequently. Backup options include internet, online file storage/drive, cloud, USB, or an external hard drive. The more places your data is backed up, the better.

For company data, backup methods may depend on the size of the company. Businesses will use cloud backup, onsite or offsite server backup, or all of the above. Losing data can cause a business problems: lost customers, lost business opportunities, damaged reputation, and lost revenue. Technology can fail and people make mistakes. We can help!

Contact Us and we will help you make a plan to keep your business' data safe.



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