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Datto Blue Support Award

We’re excited to announce GFI Digital has officially achieved Blue Partner Status with Datto! This distinction recognizes GFI Digital for “a high level of technological proficiency and skilled delivery of valued services to technology customers.” It is the highest honor a company can receive from Datto.

Datto, one of our technology partners, is a backup solutions provider which we use in many of our Managed Services accounts. Through these appliances GFI Digital can provide both onsite & offsite backup and offer full disaster recovery capability for our customers. This means, if a customer’s server or infrastructure is compromised, we can restore it for them quickly and effectively!

GFI Digital is dedicated to protecting your business critical data and look forward to utilizing our Blue Partner benefits to better serve you. Most importantly, earning Blue has a major benefit for our current and prospective clients. Because GFI Digital is a Datto Blue partner, we receive our own dedicated Datto technician which will yield better service with even quicker resolution times.

Additionally, we have access to additional training that will allow us to better serve our customers. Needless to say, we are thrilled to be recognized as a top partner and all of the opportunities which come with it. Not only does this ensure that we can offer our customers the best possible support and service through Datto, the program itself is a testament to the relationship we have built and how integral we have become within each other’s organizations.

Mike Hanauer, Vice President, US Sales Datto said: “You've truly amazed us! Congratulations on your ongoing success! … Blue partners make up the top 5% of the global Datto community. From all of us at Datto, thank you for your continued loyalty and partnership.”

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